Put simply, the record "update" forces a flushing of all the buffers for
the file. When using the SMSQ/E routines, this may give rise to writing
several sectors to the disk, one after the other, which is slow. My win
driver handles that a bit differently - there is no  buffer to flush per se.


> Hi Ralf,
> It was a programming error: an instruction ('update') inside a loop that
> should have been outside that loop. Ihis implied an 'update' after each
> field (in this case 118) instead of only ONE 'update' outside the loop.
> (Is this understandable English?)
> Why such an important difference between QPC2 (60x slower) and
> QMSQmulator (1.8x slower)? Wolfgang told me that QMSQmulator uses its
> own 'win-driver'. For more explanation, you 'd better ask Wolfgang or
> Marcel. My skills are limited to some easy Sbasic unfortunately.
> Thanks for your reply..... that makes 2 listeners on this list :).
> François Van Emelen
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