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Op 11/10/2016 om 18:15 schreef Ralf Reköndt:
What was the cure?

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Sorry for the late reply: I am having some health problems.

Wolfgang found the problem and told me how to solve it.

New timings

Conversion of a DBF-file to a DBS-file (from dos1_ to win2_)

Qpc2 : before correction 1423 sec. after correction 24 sec. (59 x faster)

Smsqmulator : before correction 47 sec. after correction 26 sec. (1,8 x faster)

Many thanks to Wolfgang.

Have a fine day,

François Van Emelen

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Hi Ralf,

It was a programming error: an instruction ('update') inside a loop that should have been outside that loop. Ihis implied an 'update' after each field (in this case 118) instead of only ONE 'update' outside the loop. (Is this understandable English?)

Why such an important difference between QPC2 (60x slower) and QMSQmulator (1.8x slower)? Wolfgang told me that QMSQmulator uses its own 'win-driver'. For more explanation, you 'd better ask Wolfgang or Marcel. My skills are limited to some easy Sbasic unfortunately.

Thanks for your reply..... that makes 2 listeners on this list :).

François Van Emelen

QL-Users Mailing List

QL-Users Mailing List

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