Ah, ok, but we have to wait for Marcel to put this into QPC, as he has a special SMSQ/E.

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Put simply, the record "update" forces a flushing of all the buffers for
the file. When using the SMSQ/E routines, this may give rise to writing
several sectors to the disk, one after the other, which is slow. My win
driver handles that a bit differently - there is no buffer to flush per se.


Hi Ralf,

It was a programming error: an instruction ('update') inside a loop that
should have been outside that loop. Ihis implied an 'update' after each
field (in this case 118) instead of only ONE 'update' outside the loop.
(Is this understandable English?)

Why such an important difference between QPC2 (60x slower) and
QMSQmulator (1.8x slower)? Wolfgang told me that QMSQmulator uses its
own 'win-driver'. For more explanation, you 'd better ask Wolfgang or
Marcel. My skills are limited to some easy Sbasic unfortunately.

Thanks for your reply..... that makes 2 listeners on this list :).

François Van Emelen

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