On 17/10/2016 16:05, Marcel Kilgus wrote:
pjwitte wrote:
         English                 German                   French
----------------------  ---------------------- ----------------------
Things V1.01            Things V1.01            Choses V1.01
Button V1.03            Button V1.03            Bouton V1.03
Exec V1.02              Exec V1.02              Exéc V1.02
Wake V1.02              Wake V1.02              Réveil V1.02
Pick V1.02              Pick V1.02              Choix V1.02
Rjob V1.02              Ljob V1.02              Rjob V1.02
Sysdef V1.06            Sysdef V1.06            Sysdef V1.06
Files  V1.28            Dateien  V1.28          Fichiers V1.28
Jobs V1.03              Jobs V1.03              Jobs V1.03
Channels V1.04          Kanäle V1.04            Canaux V1.04
Hotkeys  V1.01          Hotkeys  V1.01          Hotkeys V1.01
Hotjobs  V1.01          Hotjobs  V1.01          Hotjobs V1.01
Button_Pick  V1.02      Button_Pick  V1.02      Button_Pick  V1.02
Button_Sleep V1.04      Button_Schlaf  V1.04    Button_Sleep V1.04
Button Extensions 1.03  Button Extensions 1.03  Button Extensions 1.03
Button Frame 1.03       Button Frame 1.03       Button Frame 1.03
Well, here it is at last. The definitive list. Im relieved it wasnt
any worse than this.
Oh yes, misread your statement regarding "Button frame", that one is
constant. EasyPtr tries both "Button_Schlaf" and "Button_Sleep" for
putting a Window to sleep. Let's say I'd have made a different choice
on the localization of Thing names, too, but it is as it is...

I was right to be worried. It could have been something as incongruous as Schaltfläche Rahmen ;)

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