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There doesnt seem to be an easy way to check the Qpac2 version; at
least nothing standard to determin the language. In SBASIC a heuristic
approach may be the simplest:

100 IF HOT_TYPE("button_sleep") = 4 THEN
110  EXEP 'button_sleep'
120 ELSE : IF HOT_TYPE("button_schlaf") = 4 THEN
130  EXEP 'button_schlaf'
140 ELSE : IF HOT_TYPE("button_xxxx") = 4 THEN
150  EXEP 'button_xxxx'
160 ELSE: PRINT 'Not found'
180 :

The keyword HOT_TYPE is built into SMSQ/E and hot_rext, and returns
err_nf if the named Thing is not present. What Id still like to know
is what other button_xxxx'es there are out there. Anyone?

The Button Frame Thing appears to be called "Button Frame" in all
languages. The sources are in among the SMSQ/E sources, although the
binary is not part of the OS but comes with Qpac2. The Button Frame is
also mentioned in the latest version of the SMSQ/E Guide. No mention
there of language differences.

The "Button Frame" is marked in the Thing list as UTIL, not an EXEC Job so the language of the name seems irrelevant. BUTTON_SLEEP/_SCHLAF is the only exception as far as QPAC2 Buttons are concerned.

I don't know Tobias's BSLEEP tool but there is also Jochen's BTFRAME to make use of the QPAC2 Frame and control your button. The bin is only 286 bytes but you need some extra S*Basic lines.
(It's on QLT CDv7i5 and probably the later ones.)


You still need the name of the Thing to be able to use it, so yes, the name is relevant. However, in the case of Button Frame, it appears to be in English accross the board.

As we have seen button_sleep is not the only anomaly: other Things have also been given localised names. But button_sleep matters more than the others, to my mind.

Three times lucky! Let me try again:

1) Does anyone here use localised versions of Qpac2, and

2) Could you please let me know what button_sleep is called in your language?

3) Alternatively, would someone please point me to the relevant documentation?


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