> Am 16.10.2016 um 17:14 schrieb Bob Spelten <b...@upcmail.nl>:
> Op Sun, 16 Oct 2016 12:11:10 +0200 schreef pjwitte <pjwi...@online.no>:
>> On 14/10/2016 17:34, Bob Spelten wrote:
>>> Op Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:18:31 +0200 schreef pjwitte <pjwi...@online.no>:
>>>> Could poeple please tell me what differences there are between the
>>>> various language versions of the QPCA2 button utilities or any
>>>> other QPAC2 component?
>>>> Starting with BUTTON_SLEEP = BUTTON_SCHLAF in German, does the
>>>> button frame or any other Thing or component have a language
>>>> dependent name that has an affect on how the utility is accessed?
>>>> (Mere display information, such as configuration item labelling
>>>> etc, is not important in this context.)
>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> As far I can see from Viewing the 3 languages, these are the
>>> differences:
>>> E              G               F
>>> Things                         Choses
>>> Button                         Bouton
>>> Exec                           Exéc
>>> Wake                           Réveil
>>> Pick                           Choix
>>> Rjob
>>> Sysdef
>>> Files          Dateien         Fichiers
>>> Jobs
>>> Channels       Kanäle          Canaux
>>> Hotkeys
>>> Hotjobs
>>> Button_Pick
>>> Button_Sleep   Button_Schlaf
>>> The 4 keywords are the same for all 3.
>>> Bob
>> Thanks for replies. Perhaps my question was unnecessary general. It
>> seems unlikely that calling Files for Dateien or Fichiers is going to
>> cause many problems. However Button_Sleep and Button Frame are Things
>> that may quite likely be used in a common programs and toolkits, and
>> therefore it matters what they are called.
>> Tobias suggests that in the German version both Button_Sleep and
>> Button_Schlaf will work. This might mean that Button_Sleep is the
>> default in all languages in addition to local. Or it might mean he has
>> two versions of Qpac2 loaded..
>> Please EXEP 'Things' ('Choses'?)and take a look to see what these
>> Things are called on your machine, especially if you have a
>> non-English version of QPAC2.
> Tobias's suggestion does not work when I replace my ENG Qpac2 by the FRA 
> version.
> EXEP Things gives "not found", while EXEP Choses works.
> The same is true for any of the other translated Thing names.
> If you want to use BUTTON_SLEEP in a program you need to check for the Qpac2 
> version, or use something like Q_ERR_ON/_OFF to catch the error and try again 
> with _SCHLAF.
> Bob


I checked this again and realized I seem to be loading a German QPAC2 + an 
extra Bsleep extension.

While QPAC2 provides the BUTTON_SCHLAF Thing, the BSLEEP file (says 
"Button_sleep V1.04) seems to provide a BUTTON_SLEEP Thing. Agreed that is not 
an ideal solution to load both Things, but at least it makes a lot of programs 
run that wouldn't properly otherwise. And the 1831 bytes wasted for the Bsleep 
extension is something I can really bear with with QPC set to 128MB memory...


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