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One things that has not had sufficient attention is that the new version
of the SuperBasic manual is not only online, but is also downloadable in
three different formats. Pdf is a massive 2.16MB,

Rich's original announcement did mention the ability to download it on his webpage at www.rwapsoftware.co.uk/SBASIC_reference_manual_online where it mentions being able to download PDF, HTML or Epub versions.

For context, re file sizes, my PDF for the Atmel AtTiny85 micro-controller is 234 pages and 3.8 Mb in size. The SuperBASIC Manual in PDF is currently, as of November 4th, 944 pages and is only 2.2 Mb in size. That's not bad for 4 times the number of pages at 0.57 times the size. ;-)

But, it will be getting bigger ......


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