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On 04/11/2016 19:09, Ralf Reköndt wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Geoff Wicks"I am not sure whether I was the writer of the tools that Rich refers to,

Text87 was always the most difficult of the QL word processors as no one has ever been able to unravel the file formatting.

I will never understand, why Fred does not open this format.
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I wonder whether the probem may be that Fred used some library
routines that he would be legally entitled to use in his own programs,
but which were not his copyright and thus he cannot release the code.
Not sure whether or not this would affect releasing the file
formatting though.

Another thing that fascinates me is the compression routine for QTYP.
Did TT use a standard routine? The reason is that the dictionaries
page on my website has taken off with over 1,000 hits in the last
quarter and it now comes high on the search engines. Most people are
downloading the QTYP versions which indicates to me they are usable in
other programs.

Nice to know that work you did for the QL years ago is still relevant,

Best Wishes,


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QL-Users Mailing List

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