- NOTE: On non-V2 drivers which don't support subdirectories, ls will fail
because the FNAME$ function stops with 'bad parameter' on directory
channels. This can be avoided by adjusting line 1710 in the code (as
indicated in the REMarks). I'll probably have to design another machine
code call to find out whether a device is V2 or not :(
To save you reinventing the wheel Jan, Norman Dunbar's DJToolkit has an extension called LEVEL2 which tests for a Level 2 filing system. The assembler source djtoolkit_asm is included with the toolkit - just search for 'level2' in that source.

Hmm, I should have explained a bit more rather than leaving you to do it.

Just call trap #3 D0=$4F IOF.XINF after reserving a 64 byte block (call with d1=0, d2.b=0, d3.w=timeout, a0=channel ID, a1=pointer to the 64 byte buffer.). If no info block is returned (check d0 on return), there is no level 2.


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