I have a slight problem with TYPE_IN

Using it to put some commands in #0, works well in an instance until I
reach what appears to be a maximum set of characters, where the QL just


1920  TYPE_IN An&":"&CHR$(10)
1930  TYPE_IN (An+1)&Top$&CHR$(10)
1932  TYPE_IN (An+2)&Final$&CHR$(10)
1940  TYPE_IN (An+3)&Top$&CHR$(10)

An is an integer
Final$ is just text
Top$ is a string of asterisks

it locks up displaying halfway through 1940

Is there a buffer I can clear after using TYPE_IN?

How long i the string in line 194?

IIRC, the Ql's keyboard buffer is 128 bytes long... You cannot increase this, AFAIK.

I don't think you can clear this.
Perhaps a pause after the earlier TYPE_In instructions will leave the system time to clear it.



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