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> Hi,
> today I noticed that my MODE 8 Flash Bit implementation in the Q68 was
> never completed. It is 11 years ago that I designed the video
> controller, and now I don't even remember how exactly the QL hardware
> used that bit at all. Especially, I don't know how the background colour
> for the flashing area is determined!
> Could anyone enlighten me? Quick reply would be nice, release date
> nearing quickly...
> It works in a serial fashion, much like the old Videotex/Prestel standard.
When you set the flash bit on a pixel, the colour of that pixel is used as
background flash colour for the rest of the line until another flash bit on
the same line is encountered.
E.g. when a pixel has red colour with flash on, the rest of the pixels on
the line will flash between the original pixel colour and red until the
next set flash bit.
It does not propagate across pixel lines so at the beginning of a pixel
line flash is always off.

Hope you'll find this useful.

Regards, Jan.

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