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> I just noticed the work was in vain, because SMSQ/E does not seem to
> support FLASH in MODE 8. At least not if I test with SBASIC.

Indeed SMSQ/E on a QL with Gold Card doesn't flash :(.
It also seems to work only when PRINTing something, not with graphics
commands (even not with BLOCK and CIRCLE).
It should be fairly easy to implement when PRINTing text since only the
flash bit of the first and last pixel of the printed pattern in each line
has to be set.

I've written it myself back in the '80s in a Videotex terminal program.
Since this uses block graphics which use the full 6x10 character matrix I
couldn't use the QL's screen driver and had to write one myself. One of the
challenges indeed was to implement flash when there was no 'spare' pixel
available for the background colour (which could occur in 'graphics hold'
mode) - in that case the only option was to clear the leftmost pixel which
was a slight deviation from the standard, but fortunately very rarely


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