On 8 Nov 2017 at 13:09, François Van Emelen via Ql-Users wrote:

> Here "dock" does its job correctly with QPC2, SMSQmulator and Black Phoenix.

Tobias reported the same problem on QPC2. Maybe you don't use the 
latest version of SMSQ/E? That would make sense, because the "dock" 
must have worked earlier.

> Error in line 1020: could it be that you didn't load the correct extension?

I seldom use BASIC other than for trivial tasks, and was not 
prepared to debug the program. So I may do something stupid. But:

* There is no error, but a hang/crash! That should not happen when 
using a BASIC command.

* What is the "correct extension"? Even with plain SMSQ/E, RPTR 
seems there.
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