Hi Fabrizio,

> I have done a sufficient number of experiment in copying and executing 
> files over the sernet@230400 to say that it is working.

I'm glad it does, although SERNET alone can not prove the SER-USB
adaptor handles 230 kBaud reliably in general. The problems usually pop
up when you have no protocol splitting long transfers it into smaller

> I copied also some files over the net, bigger than 1Mb, and then 
> compared byte by byte. I would like to say that @230400 sernet should 
> work:-).

Thank you for testing and reporting.

> The cable I used is coming originally from Laplink package and it is 
> clearly visible that the cable construction quality is excellent, the 
> usb/ser adapter is a Digitus one, the "PC" is a Mac Book pro using Win10 
> with Parallels...and finally QPC.

When I was testing USB-SER adaptors, it was PC to PC. It could be that
not having USB-SER adaptors on _both_ sides improves chances. Also I
seem to remeber that the "good" one I found back then was also Digitus.

By the way, did anyone have success with SERNET on Qemulator?

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