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   1. Re: Ql-Users Digest, Vol 168, Issue 1 (Paolo Del Bene)

1: Re DM5 by Paolo Del Bene

I am a supporter for Free Software, that software released under the terms
of GNU General Public License, so I haven't any idea
of how can I help you, with that type of software that is a freeware.

A freeware hasn't nothing in common with Free Software.

I can suggest to decompile DM5, to read the source code and to provide to
write from scratch a new one emulator, and provide to release it under the
terms of GNU General Public License version 2 or version 3

These are the ROM's.

bye Paolo Del Bene

    QRA: Paolo
    QRZ: iw0fzw-5
    QTH: Monterotondo Marittimo (GR)
    ZIP: 58025
    WWL: JN53KC

    LATITUDE: 43.12350
    LONGITUDE: 10.84567

    CQ ZONE: 15
    DXCC ZONE: 248
    ITU ZONE: 28
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