Martyn Hill via Ql-Users wrote:
> I looked again at the other serio vectored routines that themselves call
> io_pend and determined that it was wise to preserve /their/ serio key in
> d0 before resetting to 0 for io_pend, to avoid hammering their ability
> to locate the correct NET driver vector. This step may prove 
> unnecessary, but harmless.

The called routines do not rely on the value in D0 and they have to
overwrite it anyway with their result status. So yeah, it's harmless
but unnecessary ;)

> Both with and without TK2 active, Minnie v1.98b was able to successfully
> LBYTES the image from another QL across the QLNet.


> As MK put it - back to '...more productive work' - aka, the QLNet to USB
> Bridge adapter (QLUB) - just another couple of weeks before I complete
> the SMSQ/E coding to talk to the uC...

Sounds like a much better use of your time, good luck :-)


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