Thanks Marcel!

On 27/02/2018 13:33, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
Martyn Hill via Ql-Users wrote:
I looked again at the other serio vectored routines that themselves call
io_pend and determined that it was wise to preserve /their/ serio key in
d0 before resetting to 0 for io_pend, to avoid hammering their ability
to locate the correct NET driver vector. This step may prove
unnecessary, but harmless.
The called routines do not rely on the value in D0 and they have to
overwrite it anyway with their result status. So yeah, it's harmless
but unnecessary ;)

Both with and without TK2 active, Minnie v1.98b was able to successfully
LBYTES the image from another QL across the QLNet.

As MK put it - back to '...more productive work' - aka, the QLNet to USB
Bridge adapter (QLUB) - just another couple of weeks before I complete
the SMSQ/E coding to talk to the uC...
Sounds like a much better use of your time, good luck :-)


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