If you had run the version of the program with an OPEN #1 statement in it at line 5400, that may have caused or contributed to the problem. After my initial set of comments, I didn't get another chance to look at the program so I don't know at what stage that was changed.

I'll add the program to my site when I get back later.


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Does anyone know why the following in QPC2 reports "Invalid Channel ID"

WINDOW 448,200,32,16
PAPER #1,3

In fact, any attempt to change #1 after the WINDOW command reports an invalid channel.

Tested on a bare QPC2v404, this could happen if channel #1 is closed.
The WINDOW command does then not produce an error on the default channel, which will be #0 now, but the PAPER #1 command does.


On QPC2 v4.04 here I didn't have to close anything - I just entered the
two commands above as soon as it started

As stated, this does not happen in v4.05 so there must be something
which has been altered

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