Good work! Thanks so much.
I'm very curious, what are the improvements to the network?


Il dom 29 apr 2018, 11:41 Wolf via Ql-Users <> ha

> Hi all,
> SMSQ/E 3.33 is out, get it as usual from
> What's new in this version :
> Final bugfix for LRESPR in procedures (means everybody should upgrade)
> Better QL networking.
> Gold card is configured not to use ABC keyboard.
> Improvements in standard QL EE.
> Q68 & SMSQmulator better SSSS handling.
> The sources for the stand-alone TK II are included in the SMSQ/E sources.
> Moreover, whilst they aren't really part of SMSQE, the new QL-SD drivers
> are built on the basis of the SMSQ/E "dv3" driver acihtecture, so their
> sources are also included in the SMSQ/E sources (remember, the compiled
> drivers are at
> If you have a Qx0 machine and access to an EPROM burner, this may be of
> interest to you : The Qx0 may now have a compressed SMSQ/E so newer
> versions thereof fit in the standard EPROMs. There is a certain process
> involved in making these EPROMs - but it is clealy described in the
> "smsq_q40_boot_doc" or "smsq_q40_boot_txt" files in the SMSQ/E sources.
> Finally, Q68 has better handling of some slower SDHC cards. Also, and
> that is an officially unofficial and undocumented feature, the Q68 may
> also be able to read most older SD (not SDHC) cards. However, make sure
> that this actually works with your cards before using them in earnest.
> Offficially, the Q68 still only supports SDHC cards.
> Have fun!
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