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> What are the frames per second and number of lines in the image?

Originally 72 Hz, 512 visible lines.

> What 'legal' signal is it most similar to?

At design time it was fine to use any legal resoltion of a multisync CRT
monitor. The idea was to stay at the QL-style 2:1 ratio on 4:3 screen,
epscially for the QL modes 4 and 8.

Most flatscreens misunderstand the signal as 800x600, leading to bad

> Is it possible to alter the frame rate

Yes I did that, as I wrote.

> and/or to supply a pixel clock signal?

Yes, but it is at the very maximum. Otherwise I would of course have
increased it already.

> This could open up the option of DVI conversion. (I have never
> owned a QX0 and don't know if it uses a card or custom logic.)

There is a slight chance to generate a pseudo FullHD signal, but only at
unusually low frame rate. I keep looking at that, but it is difficult,
logic was already optimized extremely to fit the chip. And not all
monitors would accept it.

> I'm just trying to understand the problem and why the LCD monitor won't
> sync the nonstandard signal.

Some do sync, but usually blur the picture by sampling 800 points on a
1024 horizontal line.

> If it's just one aspect of the signal it may
> be easily fixable and retain full screen display.

Not easily fixable, I would have done so.

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