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Possibly true - although if an IP address can be classified as personal data or a factor specific to the identity of that natural person, I am sure an email address can be.  I forget all of the mailing list commands, but there used to be one where you could get a list of email subscribers, and of course the online archive still contains past messages, including where people may have entered their name, website, or address as part of their signature.

There is then no way to exercise the right to be forgotten.

Presumably the software behind the mailing list will itself be updated at some point


If ALL you have is a list of email addresses, I'd tend to think that
this information by itself is not something with which a person can be

I certainly didn't give any other information than than hen suscribing
- after all, all it took was to send an email to the list maintainer.

I'm not aware of an online archive. Is that maintained by the owner of the list?

I am fairly sure that if an IP address is enough for the legislation (bearing in mind that they rotate and not many people have fixed IP addresses), an email address is sufficient to identify a person's online identity...

The archive is automatically stored by the list software and (at least ql-users) is only accessible to users of the list. You can unsubscribe (but the list might not store the date and time of unsubsribing) through:


This also allows registered users of the list to access the full list of members :(

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