Thierry Godefroy via Ql-Users wrote:
> I am faced with a problem in v3.33: the "WMAN system colours" config block
> is gone (!) and as a result, most of PE programs (especially old ones) are
> affected and only display in the ugly (and CRT screen killing) white
> background/green borders/black text default.

Oh, somebody actually uses the config block, interesting ;-) Even
though I have written it I have never used it myself, I just set the
colours during boot.

> Is that a bug, or (I barely even dare making such a silly supposition)
> something that was done on purpose ?

Not silly, I have removed it for QDOS WMAN to get the size of the
binary down again, but it's supposed to be included in SMSQ/E. Looks
like it somehow got lost between me and Wolfgang. Wolfgang, please
check that the second input line in smsq_smsq_wman_link reads

input dev8_ee_wman_config_rel

Cheers, Marcel

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