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"I have had a report of a problem with my IP Network driver. But the
symptoms suggest to me that its an operating system problem.
If you set up a network of two stations NET 2, and NET 3
On NET 2 you run the file server FSERVE, and it has a directory WIN1_PRG_
On NET 3 you use NFS_USE shd,n2_win1_prg_
Now from NET 3 all of the following works as expected
DIR n2_win1_prg_
DIR shd1_
DIR n2_win1_prg_fifi_ ,where fifi_ is a subdirectory of win1_prg_
SAVE shd1_fifi_filename
VIEW shd1_fifi_xxx ,where xxx is a file that exists
OPEN_DIR#3,shd1_fifi_ : FOR x=0 to 128:PRINT INKEY$(#3) ; To read the file
However DIR shd1_fifi_ just returns the the drive details, and no files.
Now I know I have had problems with the DIR command and Networks before.
But before I dig out a couple of real QL's and set up a Network to test
this. Does anyone know if this is a known problem with the DIR command on a
QL Network, rather than a problem in my driver?"

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