Op 4/12/2018 om 10:05 schreef Derek Stewart via Ql-Users:

PWFILE looks to of been a commerical Prowess application by Progs.

It is not on their download list.

WHat is the problem with PWFILE?

In the Prowess Distribution, Multiview works OK with SMSQmualtor NFA device, Q68 FAT device.




Hi Derek,

What do you mean with 'PWFILE looks to of been a commerical Prowess application by Progs.' Is it still commercial? (I'm not a native speaker)

Dates on my floppies (pwfile,pwsearch, pwlist,...) are between 1995 and 1997). I bought all those programs directly from Nathan/Jonathan) as they used to live only 10km from my home. I think these floppies are updates made in Eindhoven (QL meetings) where I met Nathan or his brother.

With the above explanation, I want yo emphasise that I'm using the original progs.

My original question was not about Muliview or Viewer but about PWfile itself. I'll try to be more acurate  using an example:

1. Launch PWfile (smsqumatator)

2.go to 'directory' and replace 'winx_ 'with ''nfax_'

All files in that device  should be visible now. My question is :Can you see them?

I don't see anything in SMSQmulator but I do see them in QPC2.

I hope this clarifies my question.

Thank you for your reply

Have a fine day,

François Van Emelen

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