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> Marcel wrote:
> > Does anybody know who has the source code to QMac? The Quanta version
> > doesn't look like simple patches to the GST binary, so I guess somebody
> must
> > have had it at some point. I'd like to make a few small updates myself.
> From my records Phil Borman maintained the QUANTA edition of QMAC (latest
> version 1.06) and QLINK (latest version 1.03). From memory I've met Phil at
> one of the QUANTA workshops in the early 1990s.

QLINK has some serious issues compared to the GST version. The symbol table
dump in the _MAP file looks strange and the generated binary output file is
not executable. I tested with v1.01 (from Dilwyn's archive) and v1.03 from
QLE 3.18.

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