You may want to try a older Version of QPC2 but Some THINGS` work better on 
the old Version Then the New Version  you just see  what works Right for you
    On Saturday, 2 February 2019, 22:18:33 GMT, Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users 
<> wrote:  
 Hi Peter.

One of the reasons I did some work was a recent almost total loss of over 300 
floppies going back many years. They had all seized in the cases and refused to 
rotate. I have "ripped" the ones that still work onto my Linux laptop for 
posterity. Qltools comes in handy as I cannot get QPC 4.0.5 to read a floppy 
image. I get not found errors. But I'm running under Wine, which might be 

I have qxltools on my laptop but haven't looked at it for ages, I think I had 
problems compiling it - but I can't remember. It might well be in line for some 


On 2 February 2019 08:28:53 GMT+00:00, Peter Graf via Ql-Users 
<> wrote:
>Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users wrote:
>> Revision 2.15.5
>> [...]
>> If you enjoy using this half as much as I've enjoyed amending it,
>> I've had twice as much fun as you! :o)
>That's great work! But like many, I went from floppy images to harddisk
>images to be honest. Most native machines now support SD cards as
>removable media.
>So what I have to use for the commandline is "qxltool" rather than
>"qltools". Is there any chance that "qxltool" also receives some
>All the best
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