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int nbrOfSectorsInMap=firstSector.getShort(WinDrive.QWA_SCTM)&0xffff;
// that many sectors are supposed to be in the fat

int temp=nbrOfSectorsInMap/(firstSector.getShort(WinDrive.QWA_SCTG)&0xffff); if (nbrOfSectorsInMap % (firstSector.getShort(WinDrive.QWA_SCTG)&0xffff) !=0)
   temp++;   // these are the number of clusters needed to hold the map

if (temp!=this.fatClusterChain.size())  (...)
// if they both agree, all is ok, I have a valid drive map

That's very useful indeed, thanks. With a bit of luck, I might be able to get proper qxl.win files created soon. :)


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