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  To update the system, Black Phoenix has its own method of maintaining
(only a few).
The WIN1_SYS_DESKTOP_DESKTOP_bas file must be created and inserted into a
.WIN to be hooked as WIN2_ using the precise name: "WIN2_DESKTOP_bas"

In this way BP does not execute its own DESKTOP file but executes the one
in WIN2_

This way I can modify the file that configures the desktop and insert some
changes or loadings of extensions that I want to keep when I update to BP.

The method is not the best but at the moment we cannot do much ...
moreover, you need to know a little about SMSQE

Black Phoenix is still a product too recent ... when it comes in a more
complete form you can think of managing automatic updates ... but for now
it's not possible.

Giorgio Garabello

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Hi can you help me I have an Old Version of QLE with all my Software
what I have Bought what is the best way to upgrade to the QLE 3.19 it is a
pain every version of QLE Comes out I have to keep on updated mine Can you
please help OK Thanks simon629
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Yes, that's a problem not only with QLE but also with Black Phoenix. I
don't know if there is an easy solution.

François Van Emelen

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QL-Users Mailing List

Thanks Giorgio

François Van Emelen

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