Derek wrote:
> Is it possible to have a user area in BP or QLE so user specific software can 
> be
> installed.
> I use a Linux sydtem, which I have my home directory on a separate paritition
> from the system files.
> So I can change Linux OS without altering the user data.
> Could these QL distros use this type of system setup.
QL/E currently (v3) has no easy way of updating its WIN file. Currently a lot 
of hand work is needed to migrate user changes to a new release of QL/E. For 
the next major release a strategy and upgrade mechanism similar to Windows 10 
is planned. In other words starting with this future release, codenamed "Red 
kite", QL/E will preserve user installed software. Unlike Windows 10, QL/E will 
keep the installed system but upgrade with delta-files. This keeps the upgrade 
package as small and transparent as possible.

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