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Thanks for replying (although I sent the question to the forum....).

I have since got the Mister core to work with the second SD card.  My
problem was that I was using a new SDXC card, which apparently is not
supported. The problem now is that it constantly locks up. It is MUCH less
stable than the Q68 running Minerva, from the same QXL.WIN file (more or
less). I am wondering whether I might have the wrong ROM, or whether the
problem is with the Mister core itself.

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hello Daniel

The Micro SD Card for the first  Slot = SD1
The Micro SD Card for the second Slot = SD2

i am using the original Micro SD (8 GB) as SD2
and a Sandisk Ultra Card (16 GB) as SD1

i presume your MIster is up to date

the most recent core is QL_2019092_rbf

get the Distribution (4 GB)
goto to /qle/QL_SD folder
copy Minerva xxxx.bin to SD1 /QL/boot.rom
delete any existing QL.rom file on SD1
make a backup of SD2
format SD2 (FAT32)
the distribution
go to /qle folder
copy to SD2
copy to SD2

Gretings from Switzerland
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