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> Those are small PLDs, optimized almost to the last gate, not FPGAs,
> and 800x600 is not doable.

Surprising, since it's "just" a change in divisors/counters/
frequencies, but if you say so (I'm certainly no expert in PLD/FPGA

> I would find an answer to my original question interesting.

As I already explained, the OSSC has brought to me the solution for
the Q60 (and since a 800x600 mode is ruled out, I don't see any
point in modifying it now).

But you'd have to ask other Q40/Q60 owners about what they would
prefer (i.e. the use of a scan converter (*), or a heavy modification
of their Qx0 to output a higher resolution compatible with modern


(*) In fact, a "cut-down" OSSC (that would only be able to deal with
the Q40/Q60 and QL video modes, and with just the VGA input and no
LCD display, no remote) could be a cheaper and easier solution.
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