Thierry Godefroy wrote:
>> Besides lack of time and the BGA soldering issue, I remain unsure if
>> such a massive board modification is appropriate for a historic computer.
>> A lot depends on the question, what do we actually prefer today: Keeping
>> the historic machine alive, or any 68060 machine that has decent video
>> and runs SMSQ/E?
> That's why I always suggested a 800x600 SVGA mode to replace the 1024x512
> one... Granted, you loose 44288 pixels, but 800x600 is totally decent and
> workable (under both SMSQ/E and Linux), and won't require any additional
> VRAM, "just" needing a reprogramming of the FPGA(s) (or so is my wild
> guess).

Those are small PLDs, optimized almost to the last gate, not FPGAs, and
800x600 is not doable.

I would find an answer to my original question interesting.
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