Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
> I'd like that too, since I'm on no social media nor the forum.

I try to inform all 4 major venues (this list, the English forum, the
German forum and Facebook), which is a bit of a pain but they all have
distinct groups of users.

But while I do get the rejection of Facebook I encourage joining at
least the English forum, it is a very lively place (between 5 to 30
posts a day I would guess. If that is too much, the forum is split
into hardware/software/etc. so easy to filter for one's taste) and
unlike Facebook it is exclusively operated by QL enthusiasts.

I uses an RSS reader to read the forum, so I get to see new posts when
they arrive, just like in an eMail list, and can then decide to chime
in or not. This way reading it is very comfortable without having to
manually poll the site for changes, which in the past was my biggest
grievance with web forums.


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