Hi all,

perhaps a small echo of the Dormagen meeting will interest some of you. It ran under the motto “The QL is 40”, started on friday afternoon (May 17th) and lasted to sunday mid-morning. It was, to my mind, a resounding success.

First of all, my compliments to Detlef, who managed to get us a hotel and a meeting space. The first evening we were in a somewhat cramped space because a wedding took place in the larger room - something the hotel owner had conveniently forgotten to tell Detlef, but on Saturday we were able to enjoy the larger room.

Some of us felt that the accommodations were not up to standards, but I was satisfied with my room. At least there the wifi worked correctly.

Anyway, these niggles did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm at meeting all present, most known (at least by voice on the phone) and some previously unknown. Many of us hadn’t met more in person for something like 20 years!

There was a wide range of people, from bloggers to users to hardware developers to software tinkerers to collectors. People came from all over Europe, from Norway to the south of France, from Croatia to Normandy, from Switzerland, Germany and the UK. I find it fascinating that a machine that, whilst now being 40, has been dead for the last 35 years or so, still attracts that many fine minds. All in all, about 20 people attended.

On the friday afternoon, everybody set their machines up and got together and to know each other (again).

On Saturday, in a well thought-out presentation, Peter Graf showed the latest evolutions of actually existing hardware, notably the Qzero and Qbase as well as the Qimsi Gold.

Martyn Hill, authors of the much appreciated QLUB adapter, gave an interesting summary of his current and future projects.

Urs König gave a presentation of all the interesting stuff he collected, and all the interesting QL-related persons he met, over the last ten years.

The rest of the time, and especially during the evening meals, there were far-ranging discussions, not all QL related.

All in all, I had a blast of a time. There was talk on sunday morning, to organize another meeting, perhaps next year. I can only hope that, in that case, Detlef handles the organising again.

Have fun!


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