Am 29.11.2016 um 14:26 schrieb Dr Rainer Woitok:
> Oliver,
> On Sunday, 2016-11-27 19:47:52 +0100, you wrote:
>> ...
>> From the user's point of view extensions are not different to the other 
>> track 
>> properties. They will just append the list of the normal ones. Nothing 
>> special 
>> to know about them. 
> But how the specifiable limits affect the normal properties isn't docum-
> ented either!

The first sentence in the Wiki:

" As the software is subject to a constant development progress, this
manual will always reflect just a snapshot of the current state.
Screenshots seen in this manual might not reflect the current appearance
of the program. The manual will be updated if there are large changes to
the GUI. However smaller changes will be ignored. "

Since the feature was introduced into QMS no one had a question or
complain. Either because no one is using it or it's just used without
further explanation necessary. After all it's not that hard to
comprehend. Therefore it has been no trigger to update documentation.

Anyway (most of you will know what comes next :) ): The Wiki is open for
everyone to edit. If you feel like something is missing, or you think
some explanations can be enhanced, you are welcome to edit the wiki.
After all open source projects are no one way road.

> It's starting to be a bit hard to believe that the person that here den-
> ies any necessity  for additional documentation  is the same person that
> commented on my admittedly  rather dry whrite-up about developing docum-
> entation that it  "will scare  most users away  rather than  encouraging
> them to contribute" and demanded an "encouraging tutorial" instead.

I still doubt any novice would dare to edit the Wiki after reading that
article first. But if someone wants to get involved deeply into editing
it's worth reading.

By the way: I have reserved a fixed amount of time each day for working
on QMS. I can spend that time on:
1) Fixing bugs.
2) Cleaning up the code.
3) Organizing development and bug fixing between contributors.
4) Thinking about the concept and enhancing stuff
5) Adding new features
6) Helping users
7) Writing documentation
8) Having lengthy and funny discussions on a mailing list

Prize question of the day: One of the eight tasks does never lead to any
productive result. Pick one.

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