Hey everyone- I am just ready to put my Qmail server running under FreeBSD
3.2-Stable on line, but I'm having one minor problem.  I created an account
for myself and used "maildirmake" to created my home directory's maildir-
but now I am trying to add the rest of my users, but I get an error when
trying to use "maildirmake" the following is what I entered and what the
error was:

$/var/qmail/bin/maildirmake /usr/home/boudin/Maildir/.
maildirmake: fatal: unable to mkdir /usr/home/boudin/Maildir/.: file does
not exist

what could be the problem here...my director is still working fine...

please help!!

Thanks in advance,
Bernie Courtney

Bernard Courtney
Z100 New York Radio Engineering

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