thanks for responding.  The answer that I am trying to find is whether the
maildirmake command creates a file of any sort that keeps track of the
mailboxes.  We changed someone's mailbox, and copied the new current and tmp
directories into their mailboxes but qmail did not redirect their mail (even
after we did the maildirmake and specified their new home directory).  I am
hoping that their is a way to modified a user home directory and Maildir
folder without recreating the user from scratch.


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> Question to all the qmail professionals:

I certainly can't claim tobe one of those

> when you issue the /var/qmail/bin/maildirmake command to create the
> folder for a perspective user; where does store this information.--

The maildirmake command takes 1 argument, a directory name and creates that
directory and subdirs in the Maildir format (tmp/, new/, cur/ - look up the
format is you need). It doesn't store the information anywhere - you have to
setup .qmail files (or whatever) to point to the directory.


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