"Eddie Greer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>thanks for responding.  The answer that I am trying to find is whether the
>maildirmake command creates a file of any sort that keeps track of the

No, maildirmake makes a maildir. That's all; nothing else.

>We changed someone's mailbox,

What do you mean by that? Exactly what did you change?

>and copied the new current and tmp
>directories into their mailboxes but qmail did not redirect their mail (even
>after we did the maildirmake and specified their new home directory).

qmail won't redirect their mail until you tell it to via a .qmail file 
or defauldelivery specification on the qmail-start command line.

>I am
>hoping that their is a way to modified a user home directory and Maildir
>folder without recreating the user from scratch.

There's *never* a need to recreate a user from scratch under UNIX.


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