>Then I tried the test.receive using the
>smtp.  I was able to follow the instructions given on the
>test.receive. But when I checked the mailbox, mail was not received,
>instead there was a mailer-daemon message...

No, that's not really a mailer daemon message. As the Subject says,
it's "FOLDER INTERNAL DATA". (Do I smell pine?)

>Then I checked the maillog it says:
>supervise: fatal: unable to acquire log/supervise/lock: temporary failure
>supervise: fatal: unable to acquire qmail-send/supervise/lock: temporary failure
>supervise: fatal: unable to acquire qmail-smtpd/supervise/lock: temporary failure

I'm not sure why you got those, but apparently it *was* temporary
since all the necessary daemons seem to be running.

What do the qmail-send logs say? Did you look in ~alias/Mailbox for


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