On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 02:03:32PM -0700, Charles Roten wrote:
> than the present Exchange server we are currently using.  We will 
> set up a *secondary* MX record for it in DNS, so mail will only 
> go to it if the primary is unavailable.  If we lose a critical 
> internal network node for, say, a day or two, the intent is that 
> this box will act as a "cache" until connectivity is restored, 
> then will forward the email it has been storing to the again-
> available Exchange server.  

Put the domains you wish the backup box to accept mail for in
control/rcpthosts. Do NOT put them into either control/local or

Have a /var/qmail/queue which is large enough to store the volume of
mail you expect the backup machine to take. This machine accept mail for
all domain in control/rcpthosts, queue them and attempt to deliver them
to the higher preference MX until it succeeds or 1 week passes, after
which time it will bounce the messages.

If one week is too short, put the number of seconds after which messages
should bounce in control/queuelifetime.

This is standard configuration for a backup MX.


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