James R Grinter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes on 4 August 2000 at 00:22:25 +0100
 > Charles Roten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 > > What I need is a configuration such that *all* emails coming into 
 > > the foo.com domain will be stored and, once the network link to 
 > > the primary server is back up, will be forwarded.  There doesn't 
 > > seem to be any information at http://www.qmail.org/top.html about 
 > > how to do *that*.  
 > Easy. You just need to feed all mail for your elected domain into a
 > Maildir, and then use the serialmail tools when you finally want to
 > deliver them to the end system.
 > You'll need an appropriate entry in virtualdomains, the corresponding
 > ~alias/.qmail-.... file, and some disk space to locate the Maildir on.
 > Check out the manual page for maildir2smtp. It covers it all in there.

But do bear in mind that in "normal" operation a small percentage of
mail will end up at the secondary MX, because of remote DNS and
network outages and sheer perversity of the universe.   I was
originally going to have all the mail at the secondary held, and
trigger delivery to the primary manually (so it wouldn't catch some
intermediate state where the primary wasn't realy back up yet), but
that approach won't work because mail will sit at the secondary
without your noticing because the primary was never down.  So I now
have a process that does maildir2smtp every 10 minutes, and I hope I
remember to stop it before I start working on recovering the primary.  
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