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| I'm trying to set up a redundant "store-and-forward" mail server.  

| This box will reside much farther towards our network periphery 
| than the present Exchange server we are currently using.  We will 
| set up a *secondary* MX record for it in DNS, so mail will only 
| go to it if the primary is unavailable.  If we lose a critical 
| internal network node for, say, a day or two, the intent is that 
| this box will act as a "cache" until connectivity is restored, 
| then will forward the email it has been storing to the again-
| available Exchange server.  

| I seem to have qmail running now .. thanks, again, to Greg Owen.  
| The problem now is how to set it up to *forward* mail to 
| *another* server.  Paul Gregg's Single UID Mailbox HOWTO, at 
| really does not seem to be what I am looking for, since it seems 
| to require a distinct entry in /var/qmail/users/assign for each 
| individual user.  This is perfect for a situation where the 
| server is being used to manage POP-3 accounts, but the management 
| problems of this approach for a domain with, perhaps 300 to 400 
| users, whose accounts are really managed at the Exchange server, 
| are unreasonable.  

| What I need is a configuration such that *all* emails coming into 
| the domain will be stored and, once the network link to 
| the primary server is back up, will be forwarded.  There doesn't 
| seem to be any information at about 
| how to do *that*.  

| Has anyone done something like this using qmail?  Any pointers to 
| configuration data would be much appreciated.  

There are a couple of ways to do this.  As another user suggested, store the
emails in a POP box and have a method of kicking a maildirsmtp when your
exchange comes online (usually a finger daemon will do this, I wrote my
own fingerd in perl to handle this task).

The other method, simpler, but more prone to problems if your exchange
doesn't dialup for a period of time.

Just put the domains in rcpthosts and either have a single all domains
entry or define the specific domains which must be forwarded in  the
smtproutes file.   This way, the qmail box becomes the main MX where all mail
goes first.  In smtproutes put:

or simply:
If all domains from this qmail are going to be delivered to your exchange.


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