> Try talking proper SMTP instead:
> 220 megadeth.dnsalias.com ESMTP
> helo megadeth.dnsalias.com
> 250 megadeth.dnsalias.com
> mail from:<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> 250 ok
> rcpt to:<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> 250 ok
> data
> 354 go ahead
> Subject: Whatever
> Whatever
> .
> 250 ok 997364882 qp 23545

This way it worked...  however the mail program will say 

Subject: whatever
And the msg body indeed has: 
IF I try mail from: martin <email..> rcpt to: martin <email.....> 

It will happen the same... why it may not be working the other way?

> > /var/log/maillog  (when using PHP function mail() points to
> > /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject)

> > Aug  9 10:44:09 jupiter sendmail[20485]: f79Dgso06217: to=Martin
> See all that stuff that says "sendmail"? qmail doesn't seem to be
> here.

It's qmail-inject (which is linked to sendmail binary) I mean I deleted
sendmail binady from the OpenBSD box and added a sendmail linking to
qmail's sendmail. The reason for this? It's in www.lifewithqmail.org.

Now, messages arrive, that means qmail seems to be properly
configured... what could be happending?

Thanks for your answer!

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