On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 03:26:16PM -0230, Martin Marconcini wrote:
> > If you don't put From and To headers in your message, there won't be
> any
> > From
> > and To headers in your message. What appears in these headers has
> nothing
> > to do
> > with the SMTP MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands.
> Now a question...
> Why I usually do a telnet xxx 25 and send a mail like I did and I works?
> Is there any configuration? 
> I mean I did mail to: email, rcpt to: email my whole life! 
> I swear!

If you mean, "How come other MTAs let me get away with that?", it's
simple. qmail speaks SMTP properly, and is not very forgiving about
those that don't. The ability to handle arbitrary variations in the SMTP
protocol would require a parser in qmail-smtpd, which would complicate
the code unnecessarily. I have yet to see another MTA which sends mail
in the format you describe, so a parser is unecessary.

Another former poor SMTP speaker,

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