When you are running a MySQL backend for vpopmail,
it is possible to create users simply by adding 
them directly to the relevant table in MySQL

The user's maildir doesn't get created, but this is 
not usually a problem, because as soon as a message
arrives, or as soon as the user attempts to authenticate,
vpopmail will run make_user_dir() and create the 
maildir on-the-fly.

I just noticed a problem with qmailadmin though for
these sorts of users who don't have a maildir :

  If you login to the domain as postmaster, you can
  see the user's entry, and you can even go in and 
  moduser their settings. So that all works fine.

  However, if you login to qmailadmin as that user
  rather than as the postmaster, you immediately
  get presented an error like this :
  "file permission error /Maildir/1048573247.qw"

Obviously a workaround to force a creation of the 
user's maildir after inserting them into the MySQL
database, but this is not a dead simple thing to 
do in some circumstances (eg we are inserting 
records into the MySQL from an ASP scrip running on
a Windows 2000 server w/IIS5). I suppose we could
send them some sort of "welcome" email, or launch
a POP3 auth via perl but such methods seem like a
bit of a kludge.

Considering that qmailadmin allows the postmaster 
to moduser these types of "users-without-maildirs",
is there any chance that the coding can be changed 
so that the enduser is also able to get in via 
qmailadmin without encountering a nasty error?

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