Yes than you it works perfectly with Squirrelmail.
I would like it to work with all me mail clients.

best wishes
  Tony White

On 13/10/2016 19:51, Kisakye Alex wrote:
Can you try doing it in webmail [squirrel] and see if that works.
I remember testing the feature with success but that was with squirrelmail


On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 6:27 PM, Tony White <t...@ycs.com.au 
<mailto:t...@ycs.com.au>> wrote:

    Hi folks,
      I was hoping someone can tell me how to
    get my server to tell customers their email
    has been delivered.
      Thunderbird has an option to make the request
    but QMT does not respond with anything.


-- best wishes
      Tony White

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