Are you shure about this idea?
As result you may loose ability of grown, updates should be more accurate.
Long time ago we moved from qmail with vpasswd with few domains and about 2500 active users to qmt.
Used this:
It wasn't so hard at all.

31.10.2017, 21:26, "Jeff Koch" <>:


We need to migrate a large qmail toaster mailserver to the new version that uses MySQL. Rather than attempt to migrate the old vpasswd text and cdb files, as well as, aliases, to the MySQL vpopmail format my thought is to recompile the QMT for CentOS 7 to use the older format.

This should just be a few changes in the config command for qmailadmin and vpopmail. But what else needs to be reconfigured? spamdyke, dovecot, squirrelmail

Any thoughts or advice?

Regards, Jeff Koch

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