I have followed the instructions on the page 
http://www.qmailtoaster.net/dkim.html <http://www.qmailtoaster.net/dkim.html>
The global domain keys are working but when I add an domain key for one of my 
domains it indicates me a fail  (signature doesn't verify) when testing. The 
key is there but seems it cannot verify.

My config
  <!-- per default sign all mails using dkim -->
  <global algorithm="rsa-sha1" domain="/var/qmail/control/me" 
keyfile="/var/qmail/control/dkim/global.key" method="simple" selector="dkim1">
    <types id="dkim" />
  <xxxx.be domain="xxxx.be" keyfile="/var/qmail/control/dkim/xxxx.key" 
    <types id="dkim" />
    <types id="domainkey" method="nofws" />

Am confused about the smtp.tcp and think something is wrong there

This because I have an old /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/%/ directory but not 
for the domain I am trying to get working.

What am I missing

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