The DK* settings in tcp.smtp are for domainkeys which is different than domain keys identified mail (dkim).

If you don't use domainkeys you can remove DKSIGN and DKVERIFY from tcp.smtp and rebuild.

Also, do you have your DKIM key set up in your DNS settings?

On 3/16/2020 5:09 PM, Erald (nnservices) wrote:
I have followed the instructions on the page The global domain keys are working but when I add an domain key for one of my domains it indicates me a fail  (signature doesn't verify) when testing. The key is there but seems it cannot verify.

My config
  <!-- per default sign all mails using dkim -->
  <global algorithm="rsa-sha1" domain="/var/qmail/control/me" keyfile="/var/qmail/control/dkim/global.key" method="simple" selector="dkim1">
    <types id="dkim" />
  < domain="" keyfile="/var/qmail/control/dkim/xxxx.key" selector="dkim1">
    <types id="dkim" />
    <types id="domainkey" method="nofws" />

Am confused about the smtp.tcp and think something is wrong there

This because I have an old /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/%/ directory but not for the domain I am trying to get working.

What am I missing

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