so that's the new way to go for clamav ?

Script for upgrade looks simple, I am not too fond of changing user and ownership (thank you epel)

if you use extra scripts for un official sigs it can lead to some problems ..

Who tested the move to epel clamav tree ?


On 6/23/20 5:01 PM, Eric Broch wrote:


On 6/22/2020 11:39 PM, ChandranManikandan wrote:
Hi Folks,

I received below two virus notifications in my logwatch report. How do I protect from virus protection? Eric: Any possible chances to update the latest clamav, have you upload the latest clamav epel.
Please assist me.

Some few spam emails with the same subject with different email addresses received everyday.
I have blocked on spamassassin and spamdyke. but still received.
Any further attacks happened.
I am running CSF & Fail2ban.
Anyone assist me.

 Viruses detected:

Email.Phishing.VOF1-6297424-0:                         1 Time(s)

Heuristics.Phishing.Email.SpoofedDomain:               3 Time(s)

 Virus database reloaded 2 time(s) (last time with 7343939 viruses)


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